Web content about butterflies

Most of the information we use for our project, and for this website, comes from different digital sources, that we have combined, validated and analysed. Here we include a list of the sources that we have used, but also others that are available but that we have not included so far. 

There are several available resources about butterflies on the internet, many refer to local or general aspects of butterflies, and others might have little relevant information for academic/research purposes. However there is a handful of authors and compilers that have made an impressive effort, and provide great resources of information. It is however, as with most internet based resources, a great challenge to keep information complete and up-to-date, specially when pages are static and rely on single knowledgeable contributors, who actually have a much more things to do, while the contributions of enthusiasts and volunteers are limited by the amount of knowledge they can extract from other sources.

Here we will share our preliminary list of internet-based resources:

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