Compilation of the whole entomological literature

Between 1862-1863 Hagen published "Bibliotheca entomologica. Die Litteratur über das ganze Gebiet der Entomologie, bis zum Jahre 1862". This book is available in BHL

Between 1928 and 1929 Walther Horn und Sigmund Schenkling published a much improved new and revised bibliography under the title Index "Litteraturae Entomologicae : Serie I : Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie bis inclusive 1863", with 25,229 condensed citations of entomological literature. The Senckenberg Museum developed a revised new electronical edition, which provides digital access to over 46,500 detailed records from the same period, and is linked to their database of the biographies of entomologists.

Between 1963 and 1971 Derksen & Scheiding published the continuation of this relevant work: "Index Litteraturae Entomologicae. Serie II:Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie von 1864 bis 1900" in five bands.

Some biographical notes include relevant references to the literature on entomology: Gilbert, 1978 (A Compendium of the Biographical Literature on Deceased Entomologists), Carpenter, 1945 & 1953 (Bibliography of Biographies of Entomologists).

Butterfly bibliographies

The first works refer to regional bibliographies: Moulds, 1977 (Bibliography of the Australian Butterflies), Field, dos Passes & Masters, 1974 (A Bibliography of the Catalogs, Lists, Faunal and Other Papers of the Butterflies of North America North of Mexico), Kudma, 1985 (Butlerflies of Europe, Volume I. Concise Bibliography).

The Conmemoralive Volume of the Lepidopterists' Society (1977) has a cumulative journal index from 1947 to 1973, as well as a history of the Society and relevant biographical sketches.

Bridges' bibliography (1993, 2nd edition) was the first major compilation of worldwide butterfly bibliography and includes 20112 references. The original work of Bridge is available at BHL, but no updates are available.

Lamas' bibliography of Neotropical butterflies was originally published in 1995 with over 10,000 references, and updated editions have been made available electronically, the latest (2013) with over 18,000 references is available from Butterflies of the Americas, which also has an electronic reference library

Williams' bibliographies for Afrotropical butterflies is available from his site, they include references from 1973 to 2007. 

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