Revision of Getting started! from Sat, 2013-04-06 06:11

We have had some busy weeks behind, working with EOL, BHL and GBIF data, and configuring this site and our brand new public repository at github. Oh yes, and preparing to move from South Africa back to Venezuela shortly!

Besides packing all our important stuff in a couple of boxes, we managed to reach our first two milestones of our 2003 EOL/Rubenstein Project:

  1. Automatic retrieval of information (EOL-API, BHL, GBIF and other sources)
  2. Evaluation of protocol for manual evaluation of data and elaboration of a work plan

Although we still have to fine tune some details, we are happy to make all this information available to the public. The current version of the work protocol is explained step by step in this site, while an example code for automatic retrieval of information from available sources and the first preliminary datasets from freely accesible data sources are available in our github repository. So please feel free to take a look at the pages, the code and the preliminary datasets, but bear in mind that data still needs to be validated before it can be incorporated in serious analysis

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